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A young woman’s success story.

I am a young woman in my mid/late twenties who made a royal mess of her credit report as a “new adult”. I have searched high and low, and read every book and website you can imagine about how to clean up my credit score.

Not a single book helped me until this one.

Everyone makes mistakes, and one of the greatest mistakes you can make it letting your credit score go down the tubes. However, don’t lose hope! You CAN change things. It will take time, effort, and determination. Do NOT let these creditors and collection agencies beat you down – you can do this.

Not only does this book offer step by step instructions on how to handle every aspect of credit repair, but it provides you with proof of the results you can achieve. Dana Neal was an insider in this industry, but he has also struggled with repairing his own credit. He chronicles some of his experiences, educates you on how he succeded, and gives you a solid game plan to follow. He knows the law, he helps you understand it, and he refutes a lot of the common ploys you see that simply WILL NOT WORK. How does he know? Because he tried them all. This man knows his stuff.

This book covers every poor credit scenario you could imagine… bankruptcy, credit counseling companies, chargeoffs, collection agencies, judgements, existing poor debt, etc. It’s all there. You will learn how to retain your dignity and still receive fantastic results.

If you want the truth and you’re ready to sit down and tackle this problem head-on, buy this book immediately. The road to credit repair is a long one, and it’s not much fun, but this is THE tool you need to carry on your journey.

~ Christy L. (Houston, TX)

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