Learn from a collection agency insider

BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game (2nd edition)

Learn from a Collection Agency Insider – Author Dana Neal

This former debt collector knows firsthand the consequences of bad credit—how a financial setback can you leave you unable to buy a house or car, rent an apartment, get insurance, or even land a job. He provides a straightforward, no-nonsense plan showing consumers how to:

  • Safely and legally remove adverse credit report history, including bankruptcies, liens, judgments, collection accounts, late payments, repossessions, student loan history, and tenant entries; get back into the checking system if you’ve been banned; establish years of good credit where none existed; and reestablish credit even after bankruptcy
  • Develop a comprehensive, individualized strategy for credit restoration; maximize your credit score; and learn the most powerful techniques of getting loan approval
  • Prevent and recover from identity theft, understand and compare the many ID theft monitoring solutions available, and protect and restore your overall privacy
  • Stop debt collectors, and learn to position yourself to negotiate up to seventy-five percent off of your unsecured debts
  • Use the law to your advantage: make the credit bureaus work for you by using the right letters, employ effective written settlement agreements, and use the courts in ways you never thought possible

Avoid debt consolidators, credit repair firms, and bankruptcy; fuse credit restoration with debt reduction—Debt Fusion™—using the most incredible force available—you.

Changes from the First Edition

Nearly a complete rewrite, addressed were issues brought up by readers of the first edition. Some of the main differences include:

  • FICO scoring is detailed and analyzed in depth
  • What to do when drowning in debt; Debt Fusion™
  • Legal recourse for creditors, and liability for debtors
  • Exact statutes of limitations for collections and reporting
  • Identity theft protection, monitoring and recovery
  • Credit industry tactics and federal requirements for bureaus and furnishers
  • Expanded credit bureau dispute letter crafting
  • Declaratory judgments explained with examples
  • Detailed use of restrictively endorsed checks
  • Written settlement agreements (language from the National Consumer Law Center)
  • Student loan entries
  • Joint accounts and divorce
  • Multiple reporting scenarios
  • 300 footnotes in support of text
  • 437 pages (without text of Fair Credit Reporting & Fair Debt Collection Acts)


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